About LSI Industries

Headquartered in Greater Cincinnati Ohio, LSI is a publicly held company traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol LYTS. The company manufactures commercial lighting solutions, advanced graphic and image solutions, digital and retail display solutions. Our fiscal 2023 revenue reached $497 million.

LSI’s heritage spans more than 45 years, beginning in 1976 when the company was founded. The company employs about 1,400 people at 11 manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Canada.

Our commercial lighting group consists of high-performance, American-made lighting products and control systems. The Company’s strength in outdoor lighting applications coupled with an extensive portfolio of indoor lighting products creates opportunities for LSI to introduce a variety of solutions to our valued customers.

Retail display solutions consist of advanced graphics and image solutions, digital signage and technically advanced food display equipment for strategic vertical markets. LSI’s team of internal specialists also provide comprehensive project management services in support of large-scale product rollouts.

James A. Clark is LSI’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and a member of the Board of Directors.  He was named CEO on November 1, 2018.


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LSI Facilities:

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Luminaire Production
  • Pole Production

Burlington, North Carolina

  • Luminaire Production

Columbus, Ohio

  • LED Board Production

Houston, Texas

  • Printing and Graphics

Independence, Kentucky

  • Metal Fabrication

Akron, Ohio

  • Project Services / Implementation
  • Printing and Graphics

Milo, ME

  • Store Fixture Manufacturing

Bangor, ME

  • Research & Development
  • Store Fixture Manufacturing

Payson, UT

  • Store Fixture Manufacturing

Collingwood, Ontario (Canada)

  • Store Fixture Manufacturing

LSI Heritage

Proud Past, Bright Future

1970s: The Start
Founded in 1976 in Greater Cincinnati by entrepreneur, Robert Ready, LSI Industries began as a lighting supplier to the petroleum industry. As Americans began adapting to the self-service model of refueling their vehicles, Mr. Ready noticed that many of the gas stations in those early years were either poorly lit, or completely unlit – impacting their owners’ ability to operate safely at night and grow their businesses. With a vision, a small shop and a plan, Mr. Ready set out to change all of that. In the the process, he created a one of the most respected and recognized lighting companies in America.

1980s: The Early Years
Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, LSI experienced significant growth. To inject additional capital into the business, the company was taken public and began trading on the NASDAQ national market in 1985 under the ticker symbol LYTS. It was during the 1980s that LSI expanded its business to include a variety of landscaping, commercial and industrial indoor lighting solutions, as well as pole manufacturing. During this period, the company also began manufacturing graphics and signage solutions. It was a novel business concept, and it allowed the company to differentiate itself in the marketplace and deliver additional value to its customers.

1990s: Expansion
Throughout the 1990s, LSI continued to grow exponentially, both organically and through acquisitions. It was during this decade that the company revolutionized the petroleum industry when it introduced its first Scottsdale canopy fixture. The Scottsdale quickly became the gold standard within the petroleum industry, as well as LSI’s best selling lighting product at the time. The decade also saw LSI begin to manufacture drive-thru menu boards and offer retail lighting and graphics solutions on a large scale.

2000s: The Future
The new century ushered in a number of important changes at LSI. During this time period, the company consolidated all of its business units and began offering comprehensive project management services to customers all across America. The biggest change, however, took place early in the decade when LSI moved away from bulb and lamp technology and began manufacturing high-performance, highly energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. In addition, the company began producing many of its own LED circuit boards and offering an array of wireless lighting control solutions.

At LSI, we are proud of our heritage, as well as our solid track record of adapting to rapid technological and regulatory changes. Today, under the leadership of LSI’s President and CEO, James A. Clark, the company is on a transformational path. LSI is financially strong, fit to grow and recognized all across America for quality, reliability and innovation. We are committed to building upon our legacy of excellence that began nearly 50 years ago. Indeed, the future is bright for LSI, and the future is now.