LSI’s high-performance Mirada lighting solutions are made in America and valued by facility owners, architects, engineers and contractors for their quality, reliability and innovation. These energy efficient, highly attractive LED fixtures give you more illumination options when considering the photometric requirements, architecture and size of your facility, and they are ideal for both new and retrofit construction projects. Available in multiple configurations and compatible with our AirLink Blue wireless controls, our Mirada luminaires are among the most versatile, and popular, outdoor fixtures in America. In addition, each of these luminaires meet DLC and Buy American Act requirements, and all can comply with California’s Title 24 energy conservation requirements.


Why Mirada?

Regardless of mounting height or light level requirements, the Mirada family provides a consistent aesthetic
throughout your site with a coordinated collection of luminaries. This family seamlessly integrates into any
application and provides a visual that complements surrounding architecture. With a wide variety of sizes and
mounting configurations, the Mirada Family gives you the flexibility and scalability for your next lighting project.

Why Silicone Optics?

  • Designed specifically for parking lot applications
  • Proprietary silicone refractor optics provide superior light coverage and uniformity
  • State-of-the-Art one-piece silicone optic sheet delivers industry leading optical control with anintegrated gasket to provide IP66 rating
  • Shatterproof optic
  • Outperforms acrylic and polycarbonate lenses in the toughest conditions

What is High Performance Outdoor Lighting?

  • Wide Selection of Brackets for Retrofit Projects and Quick Mounting for True One-Person Install
  • Terminal Block for Faster Connections and Easy to Access Electrical Compartments
  • Programmable Drivers with Custom Lumen Outputs and 10kV Surge Protection Standard
  • Thermally Optimized Heatsink with Robust Diecast Construction and High Efficacy LEDs on a Metal-Core Circuit Board
  • Integral Standalone or Mesh Network controls that utilize Simple to use Software and Apps.

Mirada Area Light


Our Mirada area lights are available in three sizes that can produce a variety of outputs, allowing you to customize your lighting design to meet specific application requirements. Contemporary, sleek and low-profile styling helps our Mirada area lights blend into any environment. Each fixture delivers industry-leading photometry through the company’s molded silicone optical system and integral back light control. Our silicone optics do not age or discolor with UV and temperature exposure, and they are significantly more impact resistant as compared to thermoplastics and glass. If you are looking for long-term performance with superior thermal management and ingress protection for unmatched reliability, then our Mirada area lights are the perfect solution for you.

Mirada Small
Mirada Medium
Mirada Large

Mirada Post Top & Bollard


Our Mirada Post Top luminaires interweave modern, urban aesthetics with exceptional performance that scales well at almost any mounting height. Just like our Mirada Area lights, this product features industry leading photometry through the company’s molded silicone optical system and integral back light control.

Our Mirada Bollard is an ideal solution for low-level lighting applications such as entryways, pathways and sidewalks. Designed with a diecast housing, as well as a robust shaft and base, this product provides durability against the harshest weather conditions. In addition, the Mirada Bollard’s universal mounting base makes installation quick and easy – something that every contractor appreciates.

Mirada Post Top – High Lumen
Mirada Post Top – Pedestrian Scale
Mirada Bollard

Mirada Wall Sconce


Our Mirada Medium wall sconce is a sleek, feature rich solution for perimeter lighting that will compliment any building exterior while bringing a consistent aesthetic to your site. High performance silicone optics provide best-in-class performance for maximum uniformity and light projection that can cover large areas – often reducing the need for pole mounted luminaires and flood lights.

LSI’s Mirada Small wall sconce delivers high performance illumination that is ideal for lower mounting heights. With a large lens aperture and recessed LEDs, the Mirada Small greatly reduces brightness and glare without sacrificing photometric performance.

Mirada Small Wall Sconce
Mirada Medium Wall Sconce

Mirada Outdoor Lighting Family Brochure

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