LSI has been elevating the refueling and convenience store experience since 1976. Our very first light fixture was built specifically for use in gas station canopies. Back then, HID lighting was the best thing on the market, but metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor dominated.

Although LSI was founded in 1976, our experience with the industry actually stretches back to 1968, when a company called SGI was founded by two former 3M executives. Acquired by LSI in the late 1980s, SGI specialized in fabricated metal and structural graphics, giving the combined company a superior understanding of the industry, and the ability to deliver greater value to clients.

We’ve come a long way since then, but for a half-century, our connection and contribution to the industry has only strengthened. We’re still the foremost experts in canopy lighting, with LED fixtures that have become the standard bearer for their energy efficiency and performance.


LSI has been a technology forward company from the beginning, and we’re still relentless in our pursuit of new innovations to deliver to bring to market. Our drive to innovate is rooted in our desire to find simple solutions to common problems that draw clear benefits for our customers. We’re constantly searching for groundbreaking ways to support refueling and convenience stores, from a single location to a few thousand.

We were early to market with LED canopy fixtures. We were first to develop fixtures with drivers accessible below the canopy. We developed a controls system specifically tailored to the refueling station. We even designed all our fixtures to be controls agnostic and can even install third party systems from the factory floor.

LSI continues to innovate today with customer-centric industry leading technology to help save time in installation and maintenance, help attract customers and increase sales, and help reduce energy costs and give site owners the control systems they need.



The exclusive Symmetric Combination Forward Throw technology for the Scottsdale Vertex (SCV) and Scottsdale Legacy CRUS fixture provide the most advanced solution on the market for lighting the forecourt—the area between the canopy and store. Combined with made-to-order lumen and CRI packages, the SCV and CRUS are not only the most sophisticated canopy fixtures on the market, but a symbol of our leadership and technological innovation.

LSI Forward Throw Optic Technology allows Site Owners to:

  • Address current site conditions without additional fixtures
  • Improve the customer experience & retain your customer base
  • Improve Site Safety

Without adding more fixtures to your canopy or having to bolt-on additional and sometimes poorly aimed flood lighting on top of  your canopy; the LSI Forward Throw Optics evenly light the canopy and the area between your canopy and store.

See the difference Forward Throw Technology can bring to your site.

Move the slider down below to view the change LSI Forward Throw Optics provide in lighting.

After Forward Throw
Before Forward Throw

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Before & After

After Archer & Forward Throw
Before Archer & Forward Throw


Wave goodbye to the old, complicated way of installing canopy lights and say hello to the next generation of installation that’s built for speed, quality and reliability. As an out-of-the-box mounting solution, the REDiMount drastically simplifies the installation process of a canopy lighting fixture thanks to its innovative design.

  • Industry’s easiest and fastest canopy fixture install
  • Only one canopy penetration required per fixture
  • Watertight by design, even before final wiring is complete
  • Simple, reliable three-piece design, compared to other competitors
  • No junction box or other extra parts required after purchase
  • Maintenance can be performed entirely below the canopy
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